June 2005 posts

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Karl Rove and the “motives” of democrats

 Karl Rove’s recent statement about the presumed “motives” of democrats is merely the latest of this administration’s orchestrated attempts to distract the public from the real negative realities by using misinterpretations to stir up public emotions. He said that after 9/11, conservatives wanted to go to war while liberals wanted to give therapy to the terrorists (necrotherapy?).

There was talk after 9/11 of wanting to understand the motives of terrorists, to understand the antecedents of fundamentalism and violence. Simply meeting violence with escalated violence only continues a cycle, only focuses on a “symptom” – it does nothing to guarantee the future safety of our world. Understanding (which doesn’t mean agreeing with) how a terrorist is “created” can provide the information needed to focus on the “illness”, rather than just on the “symptom”. Rove took this sage and big-picture philosophy and twisted it; he took the desire to “understand” and translated it into “therapy”. He once again exploited a national tragedy for political gain.

Rove’s belittlement of therapy and maliciously twisted interpretation are in keeping with his seeming manner of interacting with the world. Making false and sensational statements has a short-term, spectacular effect, much as (sending other people’s children to)war does – they both “work” until it’s time for the next one. On the other hand, understanding the causes of terrorism, protecting the future peace by learning to prevent violence, has a longer-term effect, much as therapy does. But apparently it’s more important to appear macho in the moment than it is to be wise in the long haul.

It’s very maddening to see how this morally bankrupt administration can make such calumniatory statements from on high. It’s terrifying that they have learned they will not be held accountable. 



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