Is Blago “insane”?

I see a lot of people on the blogs equating “insane” with having a clinical, diagnosable issue.  As I understand it, “insane” is a legal term, and has to do with being able to tell right from wrong.

“Insane” isn’t a psychological term.  In psychology, there are Axis I disorders, only some of which have to do with not being in touch with reality.  The Axis II disorders are personality disorders, which many politicians may surely have (think narcissism!). 

But just because a politician may have narcissistic personality disorder, doesn’t mean they can’t tell right from wrong.  So having a clinical diagnosis isn’t necessarily the same as “insane” in the legal sense.

To me, Blago’s narcissism and “delusions” are related to his arrogance and sense of entitlement.  They may stem from a personality disorder, but it may be common among politicians.  And it’s certainly not a “get out of jail free” card!

Feel free to substitute “Obama” for “Blago” in the above paragraph.


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