Obama and the birth certificate issue

There are a lot of lawsuits out there, some at the US Supreme Court, alleging that Obama is not a natural born citizen.  Some assert that he was born in Kenya, some that he was born here but of dual English/American citizenship, and some assserting that his living in Indonesia led to his losing his American citzenship.  All of these options would negate any “natural born” status, required for any citizen to assume the presidency or vice presidency.

I don’t know what the truth is, but it’s all rather fishy.  On the one hand, the claims seem wild.  But on the other hand – why doesn’t Obama just prove his citizenship?  Why has he sealed all of his college records (do they show financial aid for a foreign student?), and why has he hired THREE law firms to keep this information private?  Why?

Furthermore, while the state of Hawaii has confirmed they have an original birth certificate for him, they didn’t verify that it was a Hawaiian birth certificate.  In Hawaii, you can get a birth certificate even though you were born somewhere else.  Why doesn’t Obama request that the original be released?  Why? 

At first I thought he was playing a game, wanting Hillary supporters to get all worked up in a lather, and then he would release the information and make them look like fools.  But all these months later…..  no proof.  Seems like he’s trying to hide something.  Even if it’s not a lack of citizenship, there must be something being hidden.  Why pay for law firms to fight off the law suits, and deal with all these citizens questioning you, when for a couple of bucks you could get the birth certificate and show it?

There is a short-form certificate on his website, although its appearance has changed in response to criticism.  For example, it was noted that birth certificate are mailed, and always have creases, which the posted one did not.  Poof!  Magically, the image grew creases.  Some experts have alleged the images on the net are forged.  I don’t know if they are or not, but it is true that an original birth certificate lists way more information than this short form certificate does – such as in which hospital someone is born.  The name of a hospital would be information for people to follow – therefore something to hide?  As of this date, all Hawaiian hospitals have been queried, and they can’t find one which has records of him being born there.  That’s fishy, too. 

This is the candidate who was going to reform politics as we know it, the candidate who was going to be honest and transparent?


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