The “reform candidate” who wasn’t

Obama was supposedly the “reform candidate” (even though he has never done anything to reform anything).  Of course, he didn’t have experience in ANYthing, but that didn’t matter to vulnerable followers needing a god to believe in, in these uncertain times. 

Obama was post-racial (which means race-baiting at every opportunity), he was transcendent, not a part of corrupt politics (but not only rose from the swamp of Chicago politics, but rose faster than any politician anywhere AND with no qualifications), and he was all about transparency (which means hiring law firms to keep his school records and birth certificate hidden, and obfuscating on his relationship with Rezko and Blagojavich).  It’s downright refreshing.

Hmmmm….  the reform platform is the exact same platform that Blagojavich ran on for governor of Illinois.  They SAY they are a reformer, then once in, they either participate in corruption or look the other way.  Both ways are illegal and immoral.

(And why is that governor hanging out in Chicago, anyway?  The capital of Illinois is in Springfield, way south of Chicago.)


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