Obama and Alinsky tactics

I’ve been reading people on the blogs insisting that Obama is using Alinsky “divide and conquer” tactics to keep everyone in chaos.  In my last post I explained why I don’t see the Alinsky “us vs them” technique as being the same as “divide and conquer”.  But beyond that, I also don’t think Obama is TRYING to make there be chaos.  Personally, I think he’d prefer all of us adore him and never, ever ask questions or challenge him in any way.  And definitely he doesn’t want to have to make decisions!  (I guess he went into the wrong line of work!)

I don’t believe that BO “wants” chaos, and I don’t think it’s a tactic he using. IMO, he doesn’t stand for ANYthing, so he just wants to throw crumbs to every group in an attempt to get them to support him or not fight him too hard.

Anger and complaints (perhaps what some seem as “chaos”) will invariably result. But I don’t think it’s his intention. I just think he doesn’t care. If he truly stood for something, he wouldn’t throw everybody crumbs – he’d have principles and stick by them.  He’d be a visionary, a leader.

I think he’s just campaigning already for 2012. He doesn’t have principles, he’s not into being a visionary – he just plays one on TV.  By reading off a teleprompter the words of a 26 year old sexist pig, Jon Fauvreau.

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