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Palin and pro-choice

December 18, 2008

Because Palin is a conservative, is religious, and is against gay marriages, the liberals and feminists in unison all cried, “She’s anti-abortion!” (Burn her!  Kick her off the mainland!  Save us from her!  She’s not even a feminist!)

In this, their world of convenient, self-imposed dichotomies, letting a woman who doesn’t choose abortion in her own life loose on the world would be analogous to disintegrating “pro-choice”.  With their eyes wide shut, they failed to acknowledge  that while Palin chose birth/denied abortion for her own personal life, she was twice faced with the opportunity of denying abortion to her constituents.  Both times she vetoed the bill.  And that means that Palin is……….  wait for it…………wait for it……….. yes, that’s right, Palin is PRO-CHOICE!

Pro-choice is not synonymous with abortion, it’s just not.  Pro-choice means standing for a woman’s right to make her own decision.  Palin made her own decisions, and refrained from making that decision for others. 

I’m comfortable with that.